World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

Nova Luxe Yachts works

directly with catamaran manufacturers to build electric yachts at the factory, we also re-fit used catamaran yachts and work vessels. Call today! 

We ensure your electric build

is done properly and you always have power when you need it!

We warranty the electrical system and our customers are

treated like family.


Unlimited range and a top speed that excites is only possible in the new line of zero emission luxury yachts by Nova Luxe. Requiring only a captain, these blue water vessels have no limit. All components are tried and tested, industry best. Nova Luxe does not compromise and our product is peerless.


Hear only the wind as you

enjoy the Italian villa inspired woodwork. No vibration

or odor from diesel engines.

Clean, efficient power in a form you’re accustomed to.


Elon Musk believes all combustion engines will be replaced with more capable electric engines. He and many other electronic pioneers, like our partner Torqeedo, have created the equipment to make this possible.


Nova Luxe Yachts feature hulls that are specially designed to maximize stability and safety in the most inclement conditions. Our technical team is continually working to optimize weight ratios to further improve performance across the range. Nova Luxe Yachts has established a successful partnership with the industry’s leading electrical propulsion system manufacturer Torqeedo.



Travel anywhere for any amount of time, luxuriously.


Off Grid, Luxury, Transportation and most of all Enjoyment!


"Nova Luxe Yachts works directly with buyers to identify hulls which would be great as electric.  We provide clear range and performance estimates at the onset of the project and work with the buyer to purchase all necessary components for the build.  We are not an agent

who works on behalf of any single hull manufacturer. Purchases are made through each manufacturers existing distribution channels."

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