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It's time for an affordable out of the box electric conversion for your average sailboat. For monohulls with a 25hp horsepower diesel or less, we are offering a $25,000 electric conversion.  Price includes parts and labor! The yacht must be brought to one of our participating NL re-fit centers in New York or New Jersey. 

Our goal is a 2 week turnaround and to charge no more then $25,000 for the complete transformation. We expect the majority of customers who would like an electric motor to keep the sails on the yacht but for those intrepid few, we have the full Monty conversion which replaces the mast with a solar array. 

To develop the product, Nova Luxe purchased a Tartan 33 with a broken mast.  We worked in conjunction with Sunlight Conversions to design the system and identify all the products for the job.  Working over the winter of 2021, we pulled off something special. 



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