As an explorer and perpetual tinkerer, I’ve been driven by this question, “Is it possible to explore the world without refueling and without the physical demands of traditional sailing?”  Yes! The Nova Luxe suite of power catamarans are the answer.


Designed to be operated by a single captain. Nova Luxe cannot be matched by customary sailing methods.

The efficient cruising speed is faster than traditional

mono-hulls and the Nova Luxe offers unlimited range. 

Two of the three hulls we offer exceed 15 knots.

As a nature enthusiast, I go out of my way to reduce my carbon footprint and rebuild natural habitats. As a successful businessman, I understand that economics drive consumer buying behavior. Nova Luxe is zero emission and the price is competitive with conventional propulsion. If you don’t share my passion for the environment, no problem. The merits of this yacht will win over those who simply want the best!


With a Nova Luxe yacht exploring the world is an option.  Budgeting for fuel or waiting for the wind won’t be a concern.  We are the first company to build an all electric yacht at a reasonable price point that is a joy to command.  We build a yacht that enhances performance and our offer is complete yachting autonomy. Those features will be standard in 10 years but since life is short, we can’t wait.  If we ever meet, it won’t be in New York City’s concrete jungle.

- Marc Hawxhurst, CEO

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