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Orphie 29 skyview.jpg

Coming to New York2024

Jean Marc Piaton and Clément Bercault, designers and naval architects designed the Orphie 29' starting from a blank page.

They were guided by three criteria:

Functionality , integrating the essential services for a day of coastal and summer outings, with between 6 and 10 people on board.

100% electric propulsion , a real technical challenge combining speed, distance, autonomy, battery weight, with the aim of reaching a pleasant cruising speed of 8-12 knots to cover the 30 nautical miles which allow a very beautiful day at sea. In addition, the ability to reach 17-20 knots over a short period of time makes the boat playful and very reassuring in heavy seas.

The desire to design a beautiful object , simple, elegant, efficient and functional, adapted to changing uses, using sustainable construction materials and respectful of the environment.

Why a trimaran?


saving To save as much energy as possible when advancing on the water, the weight rests on not two but three tapered hulls which split the water instead of pushing it.

For the search of lightness, the hulls were built in marine plywood, connected by carbon beams and trampoline canvases (hobbie cat style).


To provide, for the same length, an unequaled available area, taking advantage of a large area of ​​trampoline canvas in which to set up.

The illustration of this size: a rectangular table of 200 x 80 cm for lunch in the shade, installed on benches and comfortable seats! Say goodbye to picnics on your knees or tables for 4…



A simple form adapted to the uses: sunbathing, sea bathing, aperitif and meal in the shade, cabin, dry storage space, toilet, small bench for children for example.


A timeless aesthetic with atypical proportions for a unique, ecological experience, without fuel consumption and with a totally different living space.



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