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Become Yacht and/or Equipment Dealer

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Why Become an Investor?

As the first electric catamaran company in North America (est 2017). Nova Luxe has the technical experience and brand recognition to support growth and deliver on revenue projections. We deliver profit in addition to being a proper steward of Mother Earth.  Our mission is simple and clear, 'buy land for plants and animals'. Nothing more, to do this we must run a profitable business and provide investors with positive returns.  If you are aligned with our mission, we will consider your private investment. 

Open Positions

Marketing Department needs an individual to:

  • Manage and post to Facebook, Youtube and Instagram on regular basis. 

  • Manage and update our website

  • Write press releases with an aspiration focus and proper technical grounding. 

Governmental Relationship Manager

  • Understand the Coast Guard rules regarding electric public transportation on the water.

  • Understand the building requirements to be Jones Act compliant. 

  • Review grants and write applications

  • Work with schools and other organizations to promote electric boating

Inside Sales

  • Address incoming sales inquiries

  • Reach out to marinas and charter companies

  • Understand the importation of yachts by source country

Electrical Contractor

  • Install electric systems on yachts

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