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Hudson Yards

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With a lower cost of ownership than a vessel half her size and an operating system easier than traditional sail, a Nova Luxe Yacht opens up the possibility of chartering to a broader audience. The budget for fuel and engine maintenance will be less than the budget for the cleaning crew.  Operation of these vessels is far easier than traditional sail, a single captain can handle everything! Couple this with the higher expected resale and the best feature of all — our Micro-Grid Marina — and the choice is clear. Nova Luxe!


Branded an Innovator by the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, a Nova Luxe Marina serves a dual purpose. First and foremost: it is a marina for chartering vessels. This acts as the owner’s main source of revenue. When boats are not in use, they generate power that can be sold back to the grid. This can be of particular importance in the Caribbean, where a hurricane can knock out main power sources for days. During such storms, the reduction in tourism leaves vessels idle in the marina, while residents have a critical need for power; Nova Luxe Marina solves

both of these issues.


The first marina is under consideration in Manhattan.

The charter service will allow residents from the newly-constructed Hudson Yards to leave the city, traffic-free! Hamptons for the weekend, Yes! Anchor next to the beach of your choice, enjoy trips to Sag Harbor and wonderful onboard sleeping arrangements.


Excess power from the Hudson Yards Marina would reduce

the city’s carbon footprint. The constant flow of the Hudson will spin the propellers of idle Nova Luxe Yachts. This will only add to the power generated by solar. Clean city power was a majorinitiative by former mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Cuomo is continuing it. With their support, this project could be fast tracked and come online as early as 2020!

Hudson Yards, Site of silent yacht marina
Bridge to Electric Yacht marina

Ambiciti, the internationally recognized leader in pollution mapping and member of the Solar Impulse Foundation, estimates an average marina of 50 boats releases 231 lbs of NOx and 513 lbs of CO2 each year.*  A charter marina with only Nova Luxe yachts would release close to ZERO. Due to the diesel generator for backup power in each of our boats, slight emissions are possible. The 25kw Genset from Torqeedo ensures you always have 7+ knots of speed available.

A charter boat could easily run 10,000 hours in service before being sold off to make way for newer models. If we choose a conservative fuel burn rate of two gallons per hour, and a marine fuel cost of $4/gallon, we arrive at $80,000 worth of fuel over a charter’s lifetime. The same power draw would equal about 16kW per hour at a cost of $.12/kWh. This leads to a total of $19,000 in fuel over the lifetime of a Nova Luxe vessel — a $61,000 cost savings in comparison to a conventional vessel!   In addition to this immense cost savings, one solar-powered Nova Luxe prevents the release of 268 metric tons of greenhouse gases. Nova Luxe is the clear cost and energy-efficient choice!


*This is only counting the pollution at or around the marina.  All pollution

from 50 boats would be about 624 Metric Tonnes in a single year!

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