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If you cross the pond and head south to a place feared by mariners for as long as the Cape of Good Hope has been mapped, you will find Ashley.  He is a yacht builder with a vision for the future and a zeal for fast sailing catamarans.  He has constructed some of the most advanced carbon re-enforced, electrically propelled sailing catamarans on the market and he has expanded his build capability to satisfy the American market.  

In partnership with Nova Luxe, we are offering

3 sailing models from 39-64' feet. The first to arrive under our partnership is a 55' yacht named Oxygen.  

Alternate between thrill and relaxation with a sport-minded, hybrid sailboat. The Ocean Renegade series is as keen on seizing the winds as it is cruising independently while you entertain. The vessel is tightly engineered to fit all of the comforts of a live-aboard boat, but when you’re behind the helm, sails like a race boat. And like the rest of the NOVALUXE fleet, the Ocean Renegade series features our emission free solar/electric technology that preserves places worth going, and gets you there without the need to stop for diesel.



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