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First Edition
Nova Luxe

Project Summary

At the request of financial advisor Mr. W, Nova Luxe has been contracted to fit the Aquila 44 with an environmentally friendly electric propulsion system.  


Mr. W chose the Aquila 44 from our list of hull offerings for a variety of reasons.  He was looking for a vessel comfortable enough to live aboard which makes space and storage paramount to speed.  As a full time resident of Florida, a powerful air conditioner can make all the difference. The solar and battery configuration chosen will allow the yacht to stay air conditioned day and night in up to 100 degree weather without starting the generator or using shore power.  On cloudy days while at anchor, the generator automatically kicks in if the battery falls below a certain charge.


Range is important to this client which is why Mr. W elected to keep enough fuel onboard to have a range of up to 800 miles at 6 knots without the aid of solar. If the sun is shining the range is extended..


Exploring the vast natural beauty the sea has to offer is endless with the power of NovaLuxe Yachts.


  • Vessel is self sustaining without shore power​

  • Vessel has the range to go anywhere in the world​

  • Vessel stores enough battery power to run the house load including AC in 100 degree weather for 24 hours without generator power​

  • Aquila 44 hull

  • Reaches max hull speed of 8.5  knots​

  • Batteries can be fully charged by shore power in 1 night, <8 hours​

  • Batteries can be charged by 3 sources of power, solar, generator and shore power in unison.​

  • Generator can bypass the battery system in the event of a failure and the engines will continue to run on generator power.​

  • Solar array can provide 20kW of power on an average day.

Key Dates


We accepted delivery of the Aquila 44 from MarineMax!  Tear down began the next day. Exhaust manifolds for each engine have been removed and the 300 hp Volvo Penta engines are soon to follow.



Tender for the electric yacht has been completed. The 12’ Zar is propelled by a 10kW Torqeedo engine and two 5kW 48v batteries.  The tender can plane with a full load and is a joy to drive. Chargers for the tender are located on the yacht where its main charging station is.  


Landed the Motors / Bulkhead / 4 MPPT Solar Charger / 6 Shore Chargers / 2 control units / i3 batteries / Generator


Sea Trials complete, private showing of the Yacht at the West Shore Yacht Club in Tampa.


Owner leaves for a 3 month trip to Bahamas


First public reveal at the Miami Yacht show!

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