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  • Nominal current: 150A
  • Nominal voltage: 400 or 550V
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Propeller diameter: 341mm
  • Outside diameter: 470mm
  • Motor length: 277mm
  • IP Class: IP68
  • Static thrust: 750kg
  • Salt water resistant: Yes
  • Motor controller included: No


This motor offers a 50.0kW maximum input and a choice of 400V or 550V nominal voltage, with an impressive efficiency over 90%. It’s designed for rapid acceleration and space efficiency, with minimal maintenance due to a single rotating part. Versatile in operation, it supports multiple rotation directions and is fully waterproof (IP68), thanks to its cast design. This also ensures reduced propeller damage, guaranteeing excellent performance in any setting.

Rim Drive POD 50.0

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