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  • Nominal current: 125A
  • Nominal voltage: 24V
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Propeller diameter: 86mm
  • Outside diameter: 135mm
  • Motor length: 150mm
  • IP Class: IP68
  • Static thrust: 31kg
  • Salt water resistant: Yes
  • Motor controller included: Yes

POD 3.0 – 24V Electric Motor: Efficient, Compact, and Waterproof

Unleash up to 3.0kW power with our 24V electric motor, boasting over 90% efficiency. Immediate acceleration, minimal maintenance, and waterproof design make it ideal for small installations. Clockwise, counterclockwise, or symmetric—it’s your choice. 🚀⚡

Rim Drive POD 3.0 – 24V

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