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If you search the world, you will find what you are looking for. 

Nova Luxe was created to provide customers with the best performing electric yachts.  We want this and we want those yachts to be built to the highest environmental standard.  This is what we set out doing in 2017 and it is still what we do today.  We came across the company Herley from New Zealand that was already doing this and doing it very well.  Now, we are a distributor for them and we have a demo boat available for US clients to show them how much more enjoyable life on the water is, with an electric yacht. 

Herley builds the complete package and these are the key points that make their yachts best in breed. 

1) Aluminum hulls safer and recycled.

2) They offer both parallel and serial hybrid propulsion systems and have proven definitively the incredible power and reliability of such systems.

3) The 48v system is inherently safe

4) Very little loss occurs converting the 48v power from the solar array to the battery banks

5) Roger Hill designs have stood the test of time


Herley 3400, fishing or weekender model

Herley 60', Blue water exploration yacht designed around 18kw of solar

coming soon, looper max 44', coastal cruising designed for the great loop.

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