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  • Nominal current: 104A
  • Nominal voltage: 48V
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Propeller diameter: 133mm
  • Outside diameter: 185mm
  • Motor length: 175mm
  • Total length: 713mm
  • Motor controller included: Yes

Powerful Performance: Our Outboard Motor delivers a maximum input power of 5.0 kW at a 48V nominal voltage, equivalent to a 10.0 PK petrol motor. It’s designed for heavy-weight, medium-speed applications. Efficiency and Torque: The motor’s impressive torque, combined with fast response time, ensures efficient performance. Its saltwater resistance makes it suitable for various marine settings. Versatile and Convenient: With a universal battery connection, our outboard motor is versatile in application. It’s also compatible with various steering cylinders and features an air-cooled motor controller in the top cover. 

Outboard 5.0

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