BUY World-Class Luxury Yachts
with Crypto!

Introducing the new series of unique luxury yachts sold with Crypto Currency including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to go alongside the sale as one of a kind art with all the titling information contained within the Blockchain. These hand-picked yachts are world-class in every way. Be the first to own a blockchain-certified title and sail away in one of these fine yachts!

By using cryptocurrency blockchain technology and digital anti-counterfeiting measures, we securely minted NFT digital yacht titles with hull number assignments. Ownership is now digitally certified, verifiable and completely tamper-proof. In addition, these physical yachts now have a collectible digital component that adds value and rarity to counteract depreciation that is unique to your Yacht. 

HelioTrope 65

With her contemporary looks, Heliotrope 65 is the quintessence of Albatross Marine Design’s philosophy of pairing functionality and safety with elegance.


This luxury yacht is designed for long distance cruising while living comfortably on board. With both flybridge and salon being very spacious she also offers ample opportunity to entertain.


With a solar output of up to 7 kW Heliotrope 65 is one of the very few mixed energy luxury yachts presently on the market.

What you get:

  • 65' Diesel power catamaran yacht.

  • Solar powered house load for electrical equipment.

  • Trans-Atlantic capability.

  • Yard owner's yacht meticulously maintained and serviced.

  • Top of the line construction and components.

Renegade 5

To say that the Renegade 5 is well equipped is a gross understatement - she is the yard’s third electric catamaran and without a doubt the most capable. The included Torqeedo Deep Blue system is the gold standard in electric yacht propulsion.

She has the galley and salon volume of a much larger yacht. Under sail she is a pleasure to manage from her secure sailing cockpit with the electric line driver making her easy to sail from one position.

The Renegade 5 is an incredible yacht, she’s available now ready to cruise with an extensive cruising equipment list over and above the launching spec.

What you get:

  • 55' Carbon fiber reinforced electric sailing catamaran.

  • Torqeedo Deep Blue electric pod drives.

  • Trans-Pacific capability.

  • Weather protected central helm.

  • Located in Tampa, FL.